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About urban choola

We take inspiration from street vendors in India to bring authentic flavours to our food which you will find stands apart from the rest.

Developed by our highly talented team of chefs, our menu celebrates North Indian cuisine with Punjabi influences with a focus on dishes cooked in the tandoor as well as a cherry-picked selection of mouth-watering dishes from several other regions of the sub-continent. Our authentic Indian cuisines with a contemporary twist honours high-quality, fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Customer Reviews 

''To me this is now the best Indian restaurant in the North of England. The layering of spices, the seasoning and the cooking technique is all faultless. I’ve said it before but they are serving the best pilau rice I’ve ever had including the Michelin Starred Mayfair joints. The mind boggling thing is the amazing prices, the rice for instance seasoned with top quality saffron is £3.50 per portion.
This is a must must must visit in Sheffield''

   By Michael Price


From the Press

"By taking inspiration from the snacks and delicacies offered by India’s street vendors, Urban Choola offers a tasty and authentic Indian menu that’s a little bit different from the rest."

"Who knew the true taste of India could be found on the cobbled streets of Sheffield?"


Terms and conditions

  • Available from restaurant.

  • Offers on 1 card are for 1 person only.

  • Multiple guests on a table does not count as Multiple trips.

  • Free Drink is 1 unit of any drink and does not include bottles.

  • Free meal consists of a two course meal of your choice.

  • Please share your experience on TripAdvisor or Good food guide.

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